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Solitaire MahJongg Guide

History, rules, tilesets & layouts. Freeware games

Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire

Freeware Klondike card game - images of "Buffy"

Freeware logo & symbol

A universally recognizable logo or symbol for freeware

Pachisi & Ludo

History and rules. List of freeware games

Halma & Chinese Checkers

Guide to Chinese Checkers & Halma. Freeware games
My fishy site (freeware fishing games)

Some funny small freeware "fishing" games...
Freeware Solitaire

A collection of card games for Windows
a.c.f.g. information

Information about the Usenet newsgroup
Norwegian language sites:

Fredrikshald Havfiskeklubb (Norwegian language)Fredrikshald Havfiskeklubb

Havfiskeklubb for Halden & omegn

�stsidecupen (Norwegian language)

p� �stsiden av Oslofjorden

Mikromarc brukergruppe for folkebibliotek (Norwegian language)Styret i interesse- gruppen

for bibliotekssystemet Mikromarc

Norske bibliotekblogger (Norwegian language)Norske bibliotekblogger

Guide og oversikt

Sarpsborg bibliotek (Norwegian language)Sarpsborg folkebibliotek

- kulturell m�teplass: nyheter og aktiviteter
Kultursenter Sarpsborg (Norwegian language)Kultursenter

- aktivitetsblogg

En glad gutts 23-ting blogg (Norwegian language)En glad gutts 23 Ting blogg

- Tanker om web 2.0 teknologi ved kurs & oppl�ring

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Vegard Krog Petersen

Hi, and welcome to my place on the net. I'm born in 1970 and lives in a small town called Halden (120 kilometres southeast of the capital Oslo) in Norway.

I work full time as a System Librarian in The Public Library in Sarpsborg. In my free time I like to search for information, organize it and present it to others. My webdesign skills could have been better...

My interests include computers, freeware, literature, games, fantasy & science fiction, medieval history, and deep sea fishing. I'm also fat and lazy, but my girlfriend Heidi likes me anyway!... :-)

Please; don't hesitate to make contact if you have feedback on my work
(both negative and positive criticism is welcome)  

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